Research in medical field is as important as clinical medicine.  Medical research in our communities is needed more than ever to figure out the causes of ill health and discover new ways to treat any illness. APPNE board encourages all of you to get more involved in the medical research field by:

a) creating partnerships with other researchers in the field,

b) bringing out new ideas,

c) encouraging  junior colleagues to get involved in research activities

d) providing mentorships, and

e) finally design the very needed projects in your own area of medicine, e.g., Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Depression, Kidney Diseases, and many more.

We always suggest reading about the ethics and laws of healthcare research as a starting point.


Here are a few useful links to start:


The Value, Importance, and Oversight of Health Research


How to Write a Medical Research Paper


The Laws and ethics of medical research:
International bioethics and human rights

A book by Aurora Plomer (2013)

available at


Current public health research topic


OR alternatively google and see the whole world of medical research and guidance on different directions including “Why, When, Where, and How “ to research activities in medicine field.


by Fizza S. Gillani PhD

Dept of General Internal Medicine

Brown University.


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