President's Message

It is an honor to be elected to serve as the incoming President of APPNE and I am delighted to be a part of this stellar organization of Pakistani Physicians.


As a volunteer on the Board, I have served as its secretary and VP and learned to appreciate some very dedicated and selfless colleagues, who have put in countless hours to make this organization what it is today.


In order to continue with the tradition of serving, I would like to support projects, as in the past, both in Pakistan and the United States. To do so, I would like to establish an APPNE Foundation.


This investment in the future of our organization will help foster social responsibility in our Physician community and help us participate in what we do best: provide health care and health education.


Much has been given to us and much is expected back.


Towards that end, we know that traditionally, the local mosques have provided community services. It is time to put our efforts into a Muslim Community and Senior Center. I hope to see this center provide social and medical services to a wide swathe of our community and the communities that we live in.


Although, this may seem to be an ambitious project but I feel that it’s time has come.


Secondly, I strongly believe in the need to step up our civic engagements. We as a group, are a size able part of the electorate in the northeast. Change is here. We must take the responsibility to understand the issues in this political climate and effect the change that we want to see.


These are lofty goals that will need time and planning to realize. APPNE’s strength comes from its members. With their help I am certain we will see these plans come to fruition.


APPNE as an organization has always enjoyed the support of PAGB, OPEN and our local communities and I hope we can continue to build on that tradition to accomplish these goals.


Asimah Qayyum, MD