President's Message

It is truly a privilege and an honor to be the incoming president of APPNE. I look forward to serving our community and working with friends.

For the past seven years, I have had the pleasure of serving on the APPNE Board. It is with pride that I say our APPNE community is composed of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to make it the successful organization that it is.

Because we are Pakistani-Americans, we have a sense of duty to two lands. As Pakistanis, we will always help the country that gaveus the foundation to succeed in life. It gave us our past and our present. But, we also know that we must find ways to help our new homeland. America has given us our present and our future. I think it is our duty to be advocates for both.

As president of APPNE, my main goal will be to continue supporting projects in Pakistan and the United States. Over the years, with your generous contributions, we have provided funds to Pakistan for earthquake and flood relief, hospital and school equipment, neonatal resuscitation efforts and now a clean water project. Our volunteers have given their time and expertise at the Lowell Community Health Center. As citizens of the United States, we will continue those efforts, not just in Pakistan, but here, in our own backyard. Our goal is to have a stronger presence in New England.

I think it is important for APPNE to provide care to local communities. One such proposal is to teach basic life support (BLS) at local Masjids. This low-cost, simple project can save lives and it can be done, but only with your help. We need to discuss this further and I plan to seek your advice and help.

APPNEā€™s potential comes from its members. Many of you have voiced your opinion on the

importance of working with students and providing them the guidance needed, as they seek a future in the healthcare profession. This will be one of my goals---find ways to improve this outreach effort. With that in mind, we must also continue to connect with other organizations, such as PAGB and OPEN. When working together, the potential to make a positive impact is limitless.

We joined APPNE because we all wanted to do something positive. Let us work together and continue to build on that goal.

Salman Malik, DMD, MD