AWARE in Pakistan

I was lucky to have spent a day learning about the incredible non-profit that AWARE is, and the community-based developmental work that they do. AWARE has managed to create a completely sustainable system based around water and education in the most desolate areasof Thar, Pakistan. They have managed to figure out how to revitalize an entire community through a very simple, but effective model. The school supplies students with rechargeable LED light blocks that they take home to provide light for their family, along with clean water that is provided by a solar powered pump that the school has on its campus. The students then come to school where they charge their LED lights, receive their education, and leave once again with water and light. This cycle has effectively provided a community with education, clean water and light which has increased the standard of livings for these isolated communities exponentially. AWARE now has 14 schools that are either fully functional or

near completion, with 12 more schools slated to be built around the Thar desert. AWARE

has successfully created a cost-effective system that will revolutionize how rural and isolated

communities tackle issues regarding education and clean water.

Humza Mirza

University of Connecticut '17

Political Science, Healthcare Management and Economics